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11. hrvatski dvogodišnji ehokardiografski kongres s međunarodnim sudjelovanjem

CroEcho2021, tradicionalni dvogodišnji nacionalni ehokardiografski kongres, ove godine pruža potpuno novo iskustvo. Nove, ograničavajuće okolnosti, nastale zbog pandemije COVID-a 19, uvjetovale su organizaciju kongresa prvi put na daljinu.

Primjenom digitalne tehnologije i mrežne kongresne platforme CroEcho2021 svim sudionicima pruža i neke nove pogodnosti, kao što su slobodno i nesmetano sudjelovanje u raspravama, postavljanje pitanja i komentare kroz neposrednu i slobodniju komunikaciju s predavačima, pretkongresno pregledavanje kongresnih priopćenja i izložbe, te međusobnu komunikaciju sudionika tijekom kongresa.

Program je prilagođen novim okolnostima, smanjena opsega, osmišljen bez usporednih sadržaja, obuhvaćajući samo odabrane teme ehokardiografskog tečaja, a popularne ehokardiografske radionice organizirane su na daljinu. U središtu kongresa su probrane kardiološke teme plenarnih predavanja u kojima ehokardiografija ima središnju ulogu i klinički scenariji, pri čemu su potrebni svrsishodan izbor i klinička interpretacija više slikovnih metoda u planiranju liječenja i intervencija.

Kongres organizira Radna skupina za ehokardiografiju i slikovne metode u kardiologiji Hrvatskoga kardiološkog društva, uz potporu Europskoga udruženja za kardiovaskularno oslikavanje (EACVI). Veselimo se ponovnom susretu, ove godine na sučelju vašeg računala.

Jadranka Šeparović Hanževački i Viktor Peršić

Predsjednici kongresa

11th Croatian Biennal Echocardiography Congress with International Participation

CroEcho2021, our traditional biannual echocardiographic conference, will provide a completely different experience this year. New limiting circumstanced due to the COVID-19 pandemic have compelled us to hold the conference remotely for the first time.

However, the application of digital technology and the CroEcho2021 conference network platform also provides some new advantages to our participants, including free and unfettered participation in discussions, addressing questions and comments to lecturers through direct and freer communication, pre-conference viewing of conference speeches and exhibits, and free communication between participants during the conference.

The conference program has been adjusted to the new circumstances and is reduced in scope, with no events taking place in parallel and addressing only selected topics from the echocardiography course, and chocardiography workshops being staged remotely. The conference focuses on carefully selected cardiologic topics addressed in plenary lectures in which echocardiography plays a central role, along with clinical scenarios that require goal-oriented choices and clinical interpretation based on multiple imaging methods in planning interventions and treatment.

The conference is organized by the Working Group on Echocardiography and Cardiac Imaging Modalities of the Croatian Cardiac Society, with the support of the European Association of Cardiovascular Imaging (EACVI). We look forward to meeting each other once again, albeit this time via a computer interface.

Jadranka Šeparović Hanževački i Viktor Peršić

Meeting Directors



UK & France Quantum Innovation Exhibition

This free two-day event is being organised by a number of the key organisation supporting quantum innovation in UK and France and will showcase the national quantum programmes, funding landscapes, the future markets for quantum technologies and the leading quantum companies being developed in both countries.
The organisational team are comprised of members of the Commercialising Quantum Technologies Challenge in UKRI which is part of the UK National Quantum Technologies Programme and Le Lab Quantique.



AAMAS 2021

AAMAS is the largest and most influential conference in the area of agents and multiagent systems, bringing together researchers and practitioners in all areas of agent technology and providing and internationally renowned high-profile forum for publishing and finding out about the latest developments in the field. AAMAS is the flagship conference of the non-profit International Foundation for Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems (IFAAMAS).



AAMAS 2021 Workshops & Tutorials

AAMAS is the largest and most influential conference in the area of agents and multiagent systems, bringing together researchers and practitioners in all areas of agent technology and providing and internationally renowned high-profile forum for publishing and finding out about the latest developments in the field. AAMAS is the flagship conference of the non-profit International Foundation for Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems (IFAAMAS).



Next Generation Quantum Networking Workshop 2021

This Workshop aims to bring together researchers from UK’s Quantum Communication Hub programme and similar initiatives across the world to discuss technological challenges and solutions for creating the next generation of quantum communication networks featuring enhanced operational capabilities to address the requirements for a variety of applications and use cases including quantum key distribution, quantum internet, blind and distributed quantum computing.

Our speakers and title of talks:

Eleni Diamanti, Trusted and Untrusted Node QKD Networks Leveraging Telecom Technology, Pierre and Marie Curie University & Paris Centre for Quantum Computing, France
Sebastian Etcheverry, CV-QKD driven by QRNG for deployment of secure communication, The Institute of Photonic Sciences (ICFO), Spain
Alessandro Fedrizzi, Graph state quantum networking, Heriot-Watt University, UK
Hannes Hübel, Field trial of QKD-secured Secret Sharing, Austrian Institute of Technology, Austria
Siddarth Koduru Joshi, Entanglement based quantum networking, University of Bristol, UK
George Kanellos, Fully Autonomous Dynamic Quantum Networking, University of Bristol, UK
Marc Kaplan, Applications of quantum networks: the short and the long term, VeriQloud, France
Elham Kashefi, Privacy and Security in Quantum Network, University of Edinburgh, UK and CNRS Sorbonne University, France
Jake Kennard, Chip based QKD, KETS Quantum, UK
Navin Lingaraju, Spectral multiplexing and information processing for quantum networks, Purdue University, USA
Andrew Lord, QKD: Evolution from point-point customer solutions to national networks, BT Group, UK
Norbert Lütkenhaus, QKD as performance metric for Quantum networks, University of Waterloo, Canada
Roger McKinlay, Session Chair, Innovate UK
William Munro, Architecturing robust quantum networks, NTT Basic Research Lab, Japan
Reza Nejabati, Session Chair, University of Bristol
Sebastian Neumann, QUAPITAL: In-fibre quantum key distribution crossing borders, IQOQI-Vienna, Austria
Richard Penty, Session Chair, University of Cambridge
Stefano Pirandola, Optimal Quantum Communications, University of York (Quantum Communications Hub), UK
John Rarity, Closing Remarks, University of Bristol
Andrew Shields, Extending the performance of quantum key distribution, Toshiba Europe Ltd., UK
Tim Spiller, Opening Remarks, University of York
Martin Suchara, Quantum Network Simulations - Towards Reliable, Scalable, and Secure Quantum Network Architectures, Argonne National Laboratory, USA
Stephanie Wehner, Towards a Blueprint for a Quantum Internet, QuTech, TU Delft, Netherlands
Adrian Wonfor, UK Quantum Networks, University of Cambridge, UK
Qiang Zhang, Recent experimental progress in quantum network in China, University of Science and Technology of China, China



Bristol Quantum Information Technologies Workshop

BQIT is a three day annual workshop aimed at enabling leading UK and international academics and industrial partners to come together; to explore and discuss future ambitions and challenges in the field of Quantum Information Technologies. Since our conception in 2014 we have had 230 speakers and panellists who have presented their work and opinions on a range of topics, from quantum theory to innovation in industry.

Welcome Message

The BQIT:21 team welcomes you to the eighth Bristol Quantum Information Technologies workshop!

Last year was the first time in our workshop's history that we had gone fully virtual. The global circumstances that continue to impact us all professionally and personally have forced BQIT once again to be delivered as an all-virtual workshop for 2021. The access this creates to colleagues across the world who would otherwise be unable to join us, as well as being able to make the workshop free for all attendees due to the lower costs involved in delivering an online workshop, are just a couple of the extraordinary benefits of meeting online. This also means that we can welcome three times as many attendees to BQIT than previous years.

We take this opportunity to thank each of our speakers and poster presenters for contributing their technical content, this year's sponsors, whose support this year enabled BQIT:21 to be free to all attendees, and to all of our attendees for joining us online this year. We recognise the extra energy required to stay connected and motivated during these difficult times, and are hugely encouraged to see so many of you willing to continue to connect with us on an online platform.

It is our hope that you have a productive and enjoyable time while you engage and interact with BQIT:21, and to everyone that has helped take BQIT:21 online, thank you!

The BQIT board and organisation team

This year's workshop agenda is available here: Virtual BQIT:21

For further information, please contact us at:



Textiles 2030

Thank you for attending Textiles 2030.

A recording of the event is available now via the Schedule. Please visit our website to find out more about Textiles 2030.

Textiles 2030

Join us on 26th April to celebrate the launch of Textiles 2030, an ambitious new initiative on a mission to transform the fashion and textiles sector into a climate-neutral and profitable industry that is fit for the future.

Textiles 2030 is bringing the whole fashion and textiles industry together with governments, research institutes, innovators and disruptors with a bold commitment to make fashion more sustainable and tackle climate change.

Our climate is in crisis and WRAP’s research shows that the UK textiles’ sector needs to act quickly, going further and faster than ever before if we are to maintain our greenhouse gas emissions within a 1.5-degree warming trajectory.

Fashion businesses are under ever increasing scrutiny: from customers who demand products produced sustainably; government who are changing legislation on design and sale of textiles; and investors who now require reporting on climate progress.

It is clear the sector needs to break the pattern of take, make, and dispose and move towards a circular system where products are re-used and recycled more easily. WRAP has over 15 years experience delivering cross-sector voluntary agreements which create real change. Textiles 2030 is building on the success of SCAP 2020 which saw businesses achieving major reduction in their carbon and water footprints across its eight year programme.

With over 35 organisations already signed up, WRAP is delighted to officially launch Textiles 2030 on April 26th. Please join us to celebrate the beginning of this exciting new era for fashion and to find out more about getting signed up.

We will be led by an expert panel including WRAP CEO Marcus Gover, Baroness Lola Young, Environment Minister Rebecca Pow, and Richard Swannell, Head of WRAP Global. This virtual event will break into smaller sessions where you can network with our pioneering members and delve into the practicalities of being part of the initiative. Guest speakers include Hirestreet and Thrift+, Marks & Spencer, and Fashion Revolution.

#textiles2030 #sustainable fashion #circular economy2030 #ukplc


Plenary 1 – Welcome to Textiles 2030

Join WRAP’s CEO, Marcus Gover, in a plenary session where we dig deeper into how the UK Textiles sector can move towards circularity to achieve ambitious climate goals. We have been working closely with industry to co-create a Pathway to Circularity which clearly sets out the steps needed to enable change. We are delighted to welcome Minister Rebecca Pow, Baroness Lola Young, and Richard Swannell from WRAP Global to talk to us.

Guest speakers:

  • David Moon, WRAP
  • Rebecca Pow, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
  • Richard Swannell, WRAP
  • Baroness Lola Young

Plenary 2 - A Global Textile Action Network

This panel session will welcome danish and international stakeholders from the fashion industry such as the Global Fashion Agenda, Dansk Mode & Textiles and GANNI to discuss on the benefits of developing a global network of textiles agreements working towards global targets to accelerate circular fashion.

Guest speakers:

  • Lauren Bartley, GANNI
  • Marie Busck, Danish Textile Association
  • Jonas Eder-Hansen, Global Fashion Agenda
  • Juliet Lennon, Ellen MacArthur Foundation
  • David Rogers, WRAP
  • Richard Swannell, WRAP

Panel Session 1 - Stream 1: “Circular design: the power to make a difference”

80% of a garment’s environmental footprint is decided at the design stage, so there are big opportunities to make positive impacts by changing our design choices, including considering what will happen to that product at the end of its life. Join us for an industry-led discussion on why changing the way we design is an important step for the industry to become more circular and how you can make it part of your business strategy.

Guest speakers:

  • Cerian Atwell, Marks & Spencer
  • Tim Cross, Project Plan B
  • Orsola De Castro, Fashion Revolution

Panel Session 1- Stream 2: “Closing the Loop on materials"

How can we keep textile products and materials in use for longer decoupling our consumption from the use of our planet’s finite virgin resources? This session will look at some of the barriers of fibre to fibre recycling and how the industry can close the loop on materials, with guest speakers highlighting solutions and ways to get started.

Guest speakers:

  • Dr. John Parkinson, Iinouiio
  • Cyndi Rhoades, Worn Again Technologies
  • Katharine Stewart, Primark
  • Bernie Thomas, Salvation Army Trading Company Ltd

Panel Session 2 - Stream 1: “Business Not as Usual: The Circular Future of Fashion Retail”

Circular business models are no longer just for innovative start-ups. Clare Carroll, WRAP, will lead a discussion on how circular solutions can be incorporated into existing business models and adopted by any retailer. Following themes in WRAP’s new Pathway to Circularity for fashion brands, guest speakers and attendees are invited to discuss consumer uptake and willingness to embrace these new ways of ‘shopping’.

Guest speakers:

  • Joe Metcalfe, Thrift +
  • Bianca Rangecroft, Whering
  • Isabella West, Hirestreet / Zoa

Panel Session 2 - Stream 2: "Getting to Grips with Scope 3” for Fashion and Textiles Businesses - How to Measure Success”

Measuring success and implementing follow up actions is crucial to help brands meets our ambitious target of a 50% reduction in carbon. Sarah Gray, Senior Analyst at WRAP will lead this session on how effectively measuring GHG emissions can help drive the industry towards net zero. The session will also explore the financial benefits of reporting and measuring for fashion brands.

Guest speakers:

  • Claire Cunningham, Sainsbury's
  • Micki Filocco, Tesco
  • Mark P. Sumner, University of Leeds
  • Liesl Truscott, Textile Exchange



Spring School On Quantum Error Correction

Schedule At A Glance - All time PDT

  • Monday April 26
    9 a.m. - 2 p.m. Classical Error Correction (Jens Palsberg, UCLA)
  • Tuesday April 27
    9 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. Introduction to QEC (e.g. 3-qubit codes) (Ken Brown, Duke)
  • Wednesday April 28
    9 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. Surface Code 1 (theory perspective) (Austin Fowler, Google)
  • Thursday April 29
    2 p.m. - 6 p.m. Surface Code 2 (experimental perspective) (John Martinis, USCB)
  • Friday April 30
    9 a.m. - 2:15 p.m. Bosonic Error Correction (Shruti Puri, Yale)




INTERMAG 2021 Welcome Video



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