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Philomena Agu · SM 20

Physics At Home Project: A COVID-19 Necessitated Assignment

My students are used to learning physics through laboratory experiments, demonstrations, and projects. To simulate similar hands-on learning experience in a virtual classroom and make the subject more relevant, the students completed “Physics At Home Project”. They performed two physics experiments or demonstrations at home, took pictures of five things related to physics, explained how the pictures depicted physics concepts and principles, created video and QR code of their work, and presented the project via Teams, an online platform. The outcome were varieties of physics topics including, forces, Newton’s laws, heat transfer, specific heat, energy conservation, impulse-momentum theorem, and collision. During the presentation, the students were able to use physics vocabulary terms to discuss their project. They discovered relevance in some materials learned in physics by observing that everyday things in their environment are related to physics. Also, they learned how to present work in an online platform, and make YouTube video and QR code.