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Multiple speakers · PERC Summer Meeting 2020

The Teaching Quality Framework Initiative: Valuing and Improving Teaching and Teaching Evaluation

Undergraduate teaching evaluation systems often poorly measure teaching effectiveness and lack processes for formative development of teaching quality. In response to these concerns, the Teaching Quality Framework Initiative (TQF), a Center for STEM Learning project at the University of Colorado Boulder, is creating a process for transformation of teaching evaluation toward a more scholarly and evidence-based approach. The TQF, as part of the Bay View Alliance and multi-institution TEval collaboration, focuses on teaching evaluation in order to improve instruction and enhance student outcomes, among other long-term institutional objectives. Departmental-level and stakeholder meetings are combined with outreach to administrative officials and cross-departmental sharing of resources to create campus-wide change. We present tools and processes associated with departmental-level and campus-level change, explore how departments move through this process, share example tools developed by teams, and engage in conversations around mechanisms to create sustainable campus-wide change and disseminate tools/processes beyond our campus.