Prashanth  Thattai Ravikumar

Prashanth Thattai Ravikumar

National University of Singapore

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Prashanth Thattai Ravikumar · ICCC'20

Engendering co-creative experiences through parametric variation

"The presentation describes an exploratory study involving humans and computational musical agents. In the study, the system's co-creative behavior was varied by manipulating a single experimental parameter to engender different co-creative experiences in rhythm duets. In one experimental condition, the system induced a sense of producing divergent material, influencing creative outcomes, and negotiating musical outcomes, three aspects that were consistent with group music creativity. These preliminary findings provide supportive evidence that the system’s parameter can be varied to systematically engender co-creative experiences distinct from creative support."

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Multiple speakers · ICCC'20

Co-Creativity and Support 1