Bruna Gabrielly de Moraes Araújo

Bruna Gabrielly de Moraes Araújo


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Bruna Gabrielly de Moraes Araújo · Quantum 2020

Intra-Particle Entanglement and Bell's Inequality in Dirac Matter

In this talk, I will discuss a brief review of graphene clean with the Rashab SOC platform and the main results which we obtained in our recently published paper Phys. Rev. B 102, 041403 (2020). In this work, we computed the concurrence to get the intraparticle entanglement between spin and pseudospin. Here we take into count the single-particle limit in a ballistic quantum spin transport. We showed that any random initial state completely separable, a large amount of intraparticle entanglement could be generated. We simulated the violation of Bell inequality for any separable random initial state. This way, the intraparticle entanglement could be manipulated and generated in a laboratory using Dirac matter as a physical platform.