Jardel Baia

Jardel Baia

Universidade Federal da Bahia

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Jardel Baia · BRACIS 2020

CoNLL Dependency Parser: Extrinsic Evaluation through the Open Information Extraction task

Dependency Parsers (DP) are parsers that analyze dependencies between words in a sentence. Currently, dependency parser evaluation is a problem whose solutions are not well defined in the scientific community. Although the DP intrinsic metrics are the foremost choice of evaluation, extrinsic evaluation enables a different evaluation based on a downstream. Different results of DP can vary according to the domain task. Thus, this work applies an Open Information Extraction (OIE) method in Portuguese to provide an extrinsic evaluation of a set of CONLL Dependency Parsers. Our results demonstrate that there is a difference in the evaluation of Dependency Parsers considering a particular task.