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Takuma ABE · MMM 2020

D3-07 A study on leakage magnetic field reduction configuration for high power contactless power transfer for industrial moving systems

Authors: T. Ahmed, W.J. Geerts, B. D.C., Material Science, Engineering and Commercialization, Texas State University System, San Marcos, Texas, UNITED STATES|

Abstract Body: In recent years, it has been proposed to use wireless power supply for industrial products in terms of convenience, safety and cost 1. However, there is a problem that the system in the current industrial products becomes power supply in a limited situation where the power transmission and reception system is stopped. As a system to solve this problem, we propose a high-power wireless power transfer system for moving systems. As a result, further improvement in productivity can be expected. In this study, we constructed a coil configuration that can reduce the leakage magnetic field while supplying a large amount of power. The power supply to the moving system is much larger in the transmitting coil than in the receiving coil. Even in this state, we constructed a system that can supply large power of 600W while reducing the leakage magnetic field. Figure 1 shows an image of wireless power transfer for a moving system. In this study, we consider contactless power transfer using the electromagnetic induction method 2. The coil shape when feeding 600W is as follows. The power transmission coil is 2 m long and 20 cm wide. The power receiving side has a booster coil with a coil length of 35 cm and a width of 20 cm including pickup coils of the same size. This fits the size of the AGV to be implemented. Using the above coil configuration, it was confirmed whether 600 W of electric power could be supplied to each gap and the leakage magnetic field was confirmed. It was possible to confirm the power supply of 600 W at the gap between the coils of 2 cm to 4 cm. Figure 2 shows the comparison results of the leakage magnetic field when the noise reduction coil and the standard coil with a gap of 3 cm were fed with 600 W. This shows that the leakage magnetic field can be reduced compared to the conventional standard coil. We have constructed a system that can supply large power of 600W while reducing the leakage magnetic field. It was shown that the leakage magnetic field could be reduced compared to the conventional standard coil.References: 1 KAMEDA Atsushi : “Factory Automation with Wireless Power Technology, and Products Progress for the Future”, The Journal of the Institute of Electrical Installation Engineers of Japan 38(7), pp.369-372(2018) 2MATSUZAKI, and MATSUKI : “Transcutaneous Energy-Transmitting Coils for FES.”, Journal of the Magnetics Society of Japan 18(2), pp.663-666(1994)