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We bring researchers’ tools online. We know what are the pain points and what are opportunites to streamline your everyday work.

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We are building a forum-like platform for speakers and peers to engage with each other and spark ideas.

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Each lecture has it’s own DOI number, it can be referenced, cited and shared across platforms and scientific literature.

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Horikawa, K., Matsubara, T., Kobayashi, H. Hydrogen charging of Al-Mg-Si-based alloys by friction in water and its effect on tensile properties. Materials Science and Engineering A. 764, 138199 (2019).

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Our mission is global. We remove language barriers so that scientific discoveries reach the widest audience possible.

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Every lecture is divided into chapters for better overview of the content. When sharing lectures, you can even pinpoint personalized start and stop markers.

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Thore Graepel

Thore Graepel

Google Deep Mind

“Thanks to the organising team. Great work! it was a difficult one to put together for sure and the final product looked really great.”

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Sarvapali D. Ramchurn

University of Southampton

“Very impressive. I really enjoyed the professional moderation, the clear discussion with the questions also displayed as text, with the high quality talks.”

Robert Riener

Robert Riener

Sensory-Motor Systems Lab, IRIS, ETH Zurich

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