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Mikhail M. Agrest · SM 20

One aspect of Teaching /Learning in a Virtual Lab

It has been learned over the numerous years of teaching in a real Lab room that Recurrent Study in Labs 1,2 brings flavor and that students love it. It can be easily used in teaching Labs adjusted to a Virtual distant teaching whether the students have equipment in their hands, or they are observing the lab instructor’s operating it. The author practiced it successfully teaching the cadets of The Citadel for a half of the Spring semester in five labs during COVID-19. The concept of the Recurrent Study is based on studying of the property of the event/system experimentally, then using that learned property predicting results of an event at changed conditions while keeping the property of interest non changeable. The predicted value must be checked by an experiment and the error would affect the grade. The proposed aspect was expanded from Physics to other disciplines like, Chemistry, Biology, Geology.